Individualized professional teeth cleaning

The long-term preservation of your own teeth is important to us. A specially trained assistant is available for this. In this session, stubborn plaque and stains are removed. The tooth surface is then polished and fluoridated. We develop an oral hygiene profile tailored to your individual problem areas, with help of interdental brushes, floss, etc. We also have a prophylaxis shop ready for you.


Frequently asked questions about professional teeth cleaning

What is a professional teeth cleaning?

It is a very thorough teeth cleaning that is carried out by trained dental hygienists. The appointment lasts about 1 hour.

When do I need professional teeth cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning has become an integral part of keeping teeth and gums healthy over the past 20 years. It is decided individually how often it should be done annually. Usually twice a year.

How much does a professional teeth cleaning cost?

A standard professional teeth cleaning costs 89 Euros.

Is a professional teeth cleaning painful?

Generally, it is not painful. But it also depends on the condition of the gums and teeth.

Can I eat something before and after professional teeth cleaning?

You are allowed to eat before the professional teeth cleaning. After treatment you should wait an hour before eating.

What should I do before and after professional teeth cleaning?

You should brush your teeth well before and after the appointment.

How long should I wait before i eat after the cleaning?

Eating is allowed before professional teeth cleaning. After treatment, you should wait an hour before eating.

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Professional teeth cleaning

The long-term preservation of your own teeth is important to us. We have a specially trained assistant available for this. Find out more about the optimal protection of your teeth here.

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