Pediatric dentistry

Children should learn early on, that oral hygiene is part of their daily routine. In the individual teeth cleaning, our trained employees stain the teeth in order to visualize coverings. Cleaning techniques are explained. Fluoridation of the teeth and fissure sealing are part of child prophylaxis. The costs for this are covered by the health insurance companies. Glass ionomer cement and composites are used as filling materials. The practitioner decides which is the best solution for the child after consultation with the parents.


Frequently asked questions about pediatric dentistry

How are children taught about dental hygiene?

For children and adolescents we offer individual teeth cleaning, a service provided by the health insurance companies. In some cases, e.g. there are additional private liquidations for children with multiband treatment. This will be clarified in advance.

Who bears the costs for this?

The health insurance companies.

How do I have prepare my child for the treatment?

The child should come for treatment with brushed teeth.

Do we have to bring something to the treatment?

You can bring your own oral hygiene products to discuss whether they are right or should be replaced if necessary.

How does such a treatment work?

Oral hygiene is clearly explained and practiced with our young patients. We also remove stains and as a last step the teeth get fluoridated.

Is my child during the treatment in pain?

No, we take great care that your child feels comfortable at all times during the treatment.

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Pediatric dentistry

Children should learn early on, that oral hygiene is part of their daily routine.

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