Implants are used in dentistry to treat patients with tooth gaps. Our practice offers team for the whole range of this treatment. This includes bone regeneration, implant placing and the prosthetic structure above the implants.

Frequently asked questions about implants

What exactly are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. The implant is an anchoring element for a crown, bridge or prosthesis.

How does the placement of the implant work?

Before the implantation is planned, the treating dentist conducts a detailed consultation. Before the procedure, the surgical site in the jaw is locally anesthetized so that the patient does not feel any pain. The gums above the jawbone are first cut with a small incision. Then the implant hole is created with a drill. The implant is then firmly anchored in the implant hole. Finally, the gums are closed again with a suture.

What does an implant cost?

The cost of an implant restoration depends - on the number of implants as well as the type of implant and the degree of difficulty of the procedure. If necessary, bone augmentation or additional surgical measures must also be paid for.

What do I do before and after placing an implant? How long can I not eat before and after the procedure?

Good oral hygiene is a prerequisite for successful treatment with implants. Smoking should be given up if possible. Very thorough oral hygiene and disinfectant rinses prevent wound infection. Oral antibiotic therapy can be useful or even necessary under certain conditions. To ensure that the implant and the prosthetic structure (e.g. crown) do not cause any problems, regular checks should be carried out at the dentist. You should definitely have to wait with food and hot drinks until the effects of the anesthetic injection have subsided.

How long does the healing of the implant take?

The implant has to heal in the bone for approx. 3 months and should not be stressed during this time. After healing, it is exposed through a small surgical procedure. Then the crown or denture can be attached.

When can I get an implant?

If a tooth has to be removed, implantation is recommended after 6-12 weeks to ensure sufficient healing time.

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