Conservative dental treatment

There is no substitute better for your own teeth. That is why our primary goal is tooth preservation. For us, priority is given to working without amalgam. From todays perspective, amalgam is considered biologically questionable and can be the cause of many physical and mental complaints. We supply you with appropriate alternative materials such as tooth-colored ceramic or gold inlays, as well as composites fillings. We would be happy to advise you on the relevant advantages and disadvantages and find the best solution for you.


Frequently asked questions about conservative dental treatment

Do I have to replace old amalgam fillings?

An amalgam filling should only be replaced if there are new traces of caries at the edge or if it is defective. If the filling is intact, there is no need to replace the filling.

What is better? Amalgam or composite filling?

In contrast to amalgam fillings, composite fillings are tooth-colored restorations, mercury-free, and stabilize with the tooth substance through a dentine-adhesive bond.

Toothache after a filling. Is that normal?

The tooth was irritated by the treatment, so slight pain may initially appear. However, toothache can be caused by many different things.

Are fillings subject to a fee?

Not every filling is chargeable, it depends on the material and the filling. Tooth-colored fillings made of composite materials in the posterior region are associated with a patient's own share. The reason for this lies in a more complex process in which the material is brought into the tooth in a precisely coordinated manner using the layering process. The tooth must be specially conditioned in advance for this. Depending on the size of the filling, this own contribution can be between € 60 and € 120. Which filling is best suited is discussed with you before the treatment and also whether there are any costs.

Is amalgam still used in the dental practice?

We have not used amalgam for over 20 years. There are many alternatives and we will be happy to advise you which filling material is best for you.

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