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The most effective method for whitening dark and discoloured teeth is bleaching. The treatment is carried out using a special gel that is applied in a customised tray as so-called "home bleaching". Damage to the gums or tooth substance is virtually impossible.

Frequently asked questions about bleaching

What is bleaching excactly?

Bleaching is a method of whitening natural teeth with a bleaching agent.

How does bleaching work?

There is a so-called “office bleaching”, which is carried out directly in practice and “home bleaching”, which can be carried out at home using a splint.

What is home bleaching?

Home bleaching is done at home using a splint into which the bleaching agent is placed.

Is bleaching harmful?

Patients may observe increased sensitivity of the teeth after bleaching, but this can usually be remedied by fluoridation measures. According to current scientific knowledge, a negative impairment of the hard tooth substance is not to be expected, provided the application instructions are observed.

What do I have to do before bleaching?

The teeth should be brushed before starting bleaching. We recommend professional tooth cleaning in advance.

What do I have to do after bleaching?

There are a few things that should be considered, e.g. very heavily pigmented drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine ... etc. should not be drunk immediately afterwards. There are precise instructions for the treatment of what has to be observed.

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